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How WeaLIT started

During more than a decade I have developed a vast network of factories and producers; an in-depth understanding of the whole production process; and how great planning and production is the foundation for a profitable business.


By working in both big and small companies in the textile industry I have been able to harness the best of both worlds. I have worked in production, in finance and as a buyer and the combination of these roles has given me a holistic perspective of how to best achieve a lean, productive and profitable business.


I have been able to see the creative side of business as well as the bottom line. Two perspectives I am certain can be combined.


Eva Mattsson Culafic

Founder / CEO

How has WeaLIT changed the market?

It was not an easy start. When we launched WeaLIT, the way the fashion industry worked with vacancies was more or less not to fill them and let the remaining co-workers pick up what had to be done.


After unaccountable meetings, emails, and phone calls, we finally managed to get our first consultants to fill one of those vacancies. And that is when things changed.


Our consultants have quickly taken on their roles and have been very much appreciated by their colleagues and our clients. Contracts have been extended and our clients have come back for even more help. Sometimes to the extent where what was supposed to be a short term replacement has continued for a few years.

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