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What We Do

WeaLIT – Consultants fluent in textile

WeaLIT offers experienced, talented and positive consultants for short or longer projects or vacancies.

We live in a rapidly changing world. Nowhere is this more true than in fashion product development and textile production. Our experience is that it is often hard to find a perfect candidate for temporary vacancies or time limited projects.

There is always a need for the right person in the right place and that is what we supply.

Our Services


WeaLIT offers experienced buyers to fill in for any kind of vacancies or projects. We are adept in most PLM/PDM systems and quickly learn any new or additional processes.


We have the tools and competence to break down the numbers and help your business reach a more cost effective collection structure. 


New suppliers can be a chore, but we have the network, contacts and experience to help you find new supplier smoothly without these projects leaving a negative impact on your core business.

Product Development

Need a trained eye to avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes when developing a new product line? Our product developers help with fittings, quality control and clear communication with suppliers.

Start Up’s

Over the last few years, we have helped new companies in their launch. We know your challenges and how to tackle them. Besides some simple, free of charge advice, we can give you a more complete framework for launching your business.


If your business is launching a new store or revitalizing and old one, we can help you. Anything from concept to capacity, from looks to logistics, we have the competence and experience to guide and advice, or just pull up our sleeves and get the work done.

An Excerpt Of Our Previous And Current Clients:

Lectures, Talks and Workshops.

Throughout the years, we have accumulated a broad and deep experience from the Swedish fashion industry. Anything from how to work with suppliers, organizing and planning a new collection, to funny and memorable anecdotes which has given us a deeper insight into how the business can be improved.


And we believe in sharing those insights so the whole fashion industry can continue to flourish.


We can tailor, no pun intended, lectures, talks or workshops to your need, whether or not this is to your business, school or network group: to students, new employees our senior management. So don’t hesitate to contact us and we can see what would suit you.