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Eva Mattsson Culafic founded WeaLIT in 2015 to change how the textile industry utilizes its human resources. Since launch, WeaLIT has been hired to work with Sweden’s most renowned clothing companies.


WeaLIT is a growing company, and we are always looking for talented people, we have assignment to match with long experience from the industry, as well as recent graduates eager to earn their keep. We want to find new co-workers who wants to work in a modern, flexible, and challenging way that helps our employees and business grow.


We offer you a way into the fashion business with the support of a strong team with many years of experience. You will be offered assignments for clients of all shapes and sizes, different styles of organizations and company culture. Our experience is that this is the best way to gain the experience you need to enjoy work – and that is what we aim to provide. Chances are you will extend your network and get to know the people who might be your future bosses and colleagues.


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Eva is the founder of Wealit. She has combined her bachelor in business and administration with training at Stockholms Tillskärarakedademin to use her talent for numbers and analytics with her passion for fashion. Over the last decade, she has worked in several roles -from Product Cordinator, to Buyer, to Production Manager, to Online Planner -at some of Sweden’s most well-known fashion Companies.


Vera has been a part of Wealit since 2018 and epitomises the calm cool of northern sweden where she is from. A confident pattern maker, she works both as a resource at Wealit and educates new pattern makers at Tillskärarakademin, Stockholm, Sweden. With her great talent, skilled experience and sensitivity she can provide your company with sketches, patterns and measurements to achieve the absolute best fit. 


Vendela is a longtime friend and consigliere of Eva’s. She is a straight forward, hands on buyer who never leaves anything unclear or left to chance. Vendela has a solid experience of project management and is a true entrepreneur who has been running her own company for many years. She has a great knowledge in sourcing and providing companies with solutions for upcoming product development.

We believe in people, and our goal is to reach full understanding between all parts of business relationships in the textile industry.


Amanda joined the Wealit team in the summer of 2019. She is a driven and curious product developer and buyer with a problem solving mindset. Her social personality brought her to the company and she shares the interest of a well cooked meal with the rest of the team. Amanda is a warm person who values a structured and organized way of working. Her strong eye for detail never takes away from her enjoyment of collaboration and passionate creativity.


Linda has been with Wealitsince early 2017. After working as a Paralegal for a couple of years, her love for colour, form and fashion led her to Milan where she studied Business Management -Brand Strategies. Since then she has worked within product development and as a stylist. Linda is a classic doer, with the extra twist of being able to do it in four languages: a skill she has used in building a strong sourcing network.


Stina has been a member of Wealit since early spring 2020. After working as a product developer and buyer abroad in Denmark and the UK for many years, she is now back home to stay. Being familiar with different cultures, workplaces and languages, Stina has added strong communication skills to her, since before, wide knowledge of buying and fashion. Her philosophy is, and has always been, delivering the right product with the right price at the right time – while having a good time

Nothing should get lost in translation.


Anna is a graduate of The Swedish School of Textiles and since graduation 10 years ago she has worked within different roles throughout the industry. She has broad experience working both at some of the biggest companies as well as smaller actors. This has provided her with an insight into how different organizations, and the roles within them. She has worked in pattern construction, product developer, assortment manager, designer, and buyer. Her broad background is complemented by international experience from working in Istanbul and a interest in sustainability and the environment.


Lovisa has studied both tailoring and pattern construction, but has primarily gained her knowledge and expertise by working in retail for the last 15 years, experience that has thought her “everything she knows.” She has long experience in buying and product development, and she also has experience in visual merchandising and sales. Her primary strength lies in product development and an ability to see the whole/bigger picture when building a strong collection. Lovisa likes to work with products in outdoor and training since this is a interest for her and she spends much of her free time on exercise and outdoor life.


Lillie has studied both business administration and fashion design and has a special interest in the process of how a designer gets an idea that is made into the final product which ultimately reaches the stores. Over the last three years, she has worked in the fashion industry with both product development and logistics. That work experience and her keen interest in the whole process has given her a holistic perspective of how a fashion company works. When Lillie has some time over you will often find her painting oil and acrylic paintings.

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